Unlike a high percentage of the hospitality industry, The Villa Agave takes the care of our planet very seriously. Here is what we do to tread lightly on our planet.


You won’t find single use water bottles in the villa. Instead, your room is equipped with limitless delicious, ice-cold water in a ceramic water jug that we imported and cured from Mexico. Our water comes from one of two wells on the property which is tested quarterly for potability and daily for deliciousness. The environment thanks you for not adding this all too common single use plastic to the earth.

Your shampoo, conditioner, and soap come from a shower dispenser, to alleviate single use toiletries. We do have other toiletries for you in case you accidentally left them behind.


Here at The Villa Agave, we have a zero-tolerance policy for pesticides and roundup. This is a significant departure from the practices of most neighbors. This means you may encounter more critters on and around the villa.


One of the first things we did when we acquired The Villa Agave was cut holes in the 8’ fence that surrounded the property to let creatures in. Almost immediately we saw deer, coyotes, foxes, turkeys, and squirrels (although, let’s face it – the squirrels could have gotten in, anyway!). You’ll see a lot of 8’ fences around these parts. Folks around here like to keep the animals out, but the more folks that feel that way, the less habitat that animals have to survive. We are delighted to share the grounds with critters, and hope you will be, too.


The fountain in the courtyard contains no chemicals to keep it clear. The clarity is a result of regular hand-cleaning to keep the birds safe.